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EFO Section updates

Report from the Chair

Hello to my friends in the EFO Section,

Your section leadership has been busy, and I want to take this opportunity to update you on some recent developments.

First off, last month I participated in the IAFC’s Leadership Forum in which the IAFC Board, division leaders, sections chairs, Women Fire Chiefs Council and IAFC Diversity Executive Leadership Program fellows got together to update the IAFC’s strategic direction and discuss the future of the IAFC. The members who participated should get the draft version soon to review and make comments.

I also advised the other division and section leaders that our section would like to collaborate with them on any upcoming projects. We have released a survey, to be completed by May 6. It will allow us to see where our strengths lie as a section and how we can best serve our fellow IAFC members.

Next up, your executive board will be meeting in May to review and update the section’s strategic directive to ensure it’s in line with the IAFC’s direction. We’ll send it out to our members once it’s completed so you can see what we’ll be doing.

With the upcoming election starting in May, I hope all of you will take the opportunity to research the candidates who are running for directors of the Missouri Valley, Northeastern, and Southwestern Divisions. We are fortunate to have 11 chiefs who have stepped up and said they want to help you as a leader in the section. Their bios and platforms are on our website.

In addition to these candidates, we had a recent vacancy in the Great Lakes Division and many from that area have stated that they would like to help. The section’s executive committee will review resumes and conduct interviews to appoint someone to fill that seat. Members in the Great Lakes Division have received emails regarding how to apply.

Another important matter on this year’s ballot is the bylaws. Your board members poured over the current ones as well as those of the IAFC and other sections. After that review, they made some changes that will bring us in line with the association and up to date. While most of these changes are related to wording, there are some changes that you should review before voting. A summary of those changes and the complete proposed document are posted on our website for review.  

Finally, many of you have heard that there are multiple candidates running for IAFC 2nd Vice President. In the past, the EFO Section has endorsed a candidate. With so many qualified chiefs running this year, the board of directors chose not to endorse anyone and have no doubt that whoever is chosen will help advance the association and look after the interests of your section. I am requesting that you review each candidate’s bio and that you vote in the upcoming election. I wish you well coming out of the winter months and into spring. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help you in any way.

Chief Jo-Ann Lorber

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The Executive Fire Officers Section used to be known as the National Society of Executive Fire Officers (NSEFO). To ensure the sustainability and growth of the organization, NSEFO became a section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs in 2014.

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