IAFC Go Teams Are Available by Request

Currently, our membership is facing many resource and response challenges with wildland fires in the Northwest and Hurricane Harvey followed by approaching Hurricane Irma. As a result, Chief Kim Zagaris and the Emergency Management Committee have worked to stand up the IAFC Go Teams.

In 2010, the IAFC formally established the Go Teams, which are ready to deploy to any location in the United States to assist local, state, tribal and federal officials with the myriad duties relating to fire resources and job tasks. Examples of these tasks include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Assisting with state-level updates
  • Working on evacuation announcements
  • Serving as deputy chief of operations at local and state-level EOC
  • Drafting guidelines for emergency dispatchers to read to callers when emergency services are unable to respond
  • Finalizing EMAC requests for needed resources
  • Submitting equipment requests to FEMA
  • Providing information on reimbursement strategies
  • Filling EOC command positions
  • Resource management
  • Incident action plans (development, implementation)
  • Documentation (of any sort)
  • Public information updates (develop & deliver)

To request assistance of an IAFC Go Team, call toll-free 1-888-840-6884.

About the IAFC Go Teams

IAFC Go Teams are highly skilled chief officers located in each FEMA region who are ready to respond in an emergency situation at the local, state or federal level. The Go Teams will assist with all services in the coordination and recovery of significant emergencies or catastrophic events.

  • Go Teams don’t respond in place of an incident-management team. They’ll serve as an additional resource for the individual or agency making the request.
  • The official request should come through the IAFC’s toll-free number (1-888-840-6884) from a local, state or federal authority. Information should be provided regarding specific needs and an on-site contact.
  • Go Team members will primarily act as a liaison for the requesting agency official and can serve in a variety of support functions, based on incident needs.
  • Eligible Go Team expenses under an emergency declaration may be reimbursed. Otherwise, expenses are the responsibility of the requesting agency.
  • Teams are organized to parallel the FEMA model for response for efficiency and a timely response.
  • The size of the response team will be request-driven. The minimum response normally consists of two team members to allow for continuity.
  • Duration of response is also request-driven, but is typically for a 7- to 10-day period. Team members will have a maximum of 14 days for a single deployment; any extension must be agreed upon by all parties.
  • Once a request for assistance is completed, the IAFC staff works with Go Teams to identify appropriate members to fulfill the request and the method for transportation to the incident. Staff will provide Go Team contact information and travel schedules to requestor.
  • Go Team members are self-sufficient and understand the use and benefits of the various technologies.
  • Go Team members are required to document their activity and report back to IAFC staff on a regular basis through the completion of the assignment.
  • Go Team members respond on behalf of the IAFC and follow a strict code of conduct, procedures and values reflective of the IAFC.

Go Teams FAQs & flyer

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